Cloud Managed Services

Power the IT Experience with Managed Services.

Cloud has been the buzz word in IT for years now, but many organizations still do not fully understand how cloud should fit into their organization, where they are already utilizing the cloud, and what their next steps for cloud implementation should be. Cloud solutions for each organization are unique, therefore organizations need partners that work to create custom cloud solutions that allow them to achieve their business goals. Wherever an organization stands with their cloud journey at this point, Core can help them get started in the cloud, continue their journey to the cloud, or help improve operational efficiency after cloud implementation.

Network Operation Center(NOC) Services

  • Monitoring: our engineers actively watch your environment, receive notifications, and escalate alerts to help you more efficiently manage your environment.
  • Management: our engineers identify problems, resolve incidents, and regularly review your environment to recommend improvements.
  • Help Desk: technical support for software and hardware from certified, front-line support technicians without draining your resources.
  • CoreCare: a joint service offering provided by Core and Cisco that combines network-wide Cisco technical support with on-going network monitoring and proactive maintenance for Cisco solutions to ensure optimal performance.

Cloud Compute

  • Cloud Compute: utilize SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CaaS, DRaaS, and Cloud Backup to easily manage your computing environment.
    • Co-Location
    • Dedicated Cloud
    • Shared Cloud
    • vCloud Air – Dedicated Cloud and Shared Cloud

Other Managed Services

  • Cloud Backup:online data backup done in a public, private or hybrid setting.
  • Disaster Recovery:replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers to provide failover in the event of a disaster.
  • Security Monitoring Services: stay ahead of attackers with a proactive approach to security.
  • Hosted Video Service: provides operational video support without capital infrastructure investment.

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