Collaboration Technologies

Collaboration Technologies



Organizational processes are increasingly dependent on creative management and information sharing. Communication technologies provide the power organizations need to conduct business through geographic and virtual borders. Through these technologies, organizations are able to connect multiple facets of their operation, reduce travel costs, and impact the bottom line. With the help of Core, innovative organizations are transforming into a live network of global information exchange.

  • Mobility and Presence: leverage a dynamic workforce to enable communications regardless of location, application, or device.
  • Unified Messaging: integrate multiple forms of messaging utilizing integrated access from a phone, e-mail client, tablet, or other mobile device.
  • Voice: increase presence and maximize value with “always-on” voice services.
  • Web and Video Conferencing: deliver face-to-face communication across multiple locations and devices.
  • Digital Content Sharing: virtually share files, message the team, and make decisions collectively, wherever you are.
  • Social Technologies: promote social collaboration and allow everyone in your organization to share knowledge and engage with a purpose.
  • Collaboration as a Service (CaaS): leverage the cloud to provide higher levels of redundancy and a wider range of device access to e-mail and unified messaging while reducing on premise footprint and costs.
  • Hosted Video Service (HVS): provides operational video support with no capital infrastructure investment.

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