Data Center Technologies

Data Center Technologies



The data center is the foundation of IT operations. Organizations can lower total cost of ownership with a stable data center foundation that allows for current-state flexibility, scalability into the future and simplified management. With the guidance of Core, data center solutions can elevate an organization’s infrastructure, enabling an optimized and reliable IT experience.

  • Archiving, Backup and De-Duplication: streamline and effectively store critical organizational information.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:  ensure reduced network downtime and fast recovery.
  • Networking:  enable all components of your infrastructure to communicate with each other quickly and securely.
  • Unified Storage and Computing: reduce hardware requirements by streamlining files and applications that can all be accessed from a single device.
  • Virtualization: simplify, maximize, and enable systems to contain and store information from a secure, central location.
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: simplify data center management and obtain faster time-to-value and significant cost savings.

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