Security & Compliance Technologies


The security of your network is fundamental to the health of your organization. By partnering with Core and its top-tier partners you can protect valuable data and data center resources with compliance consulting, penetration testing, risk assessments, and vulnerability scanning. Let Core help you mitigate risks and protect against threats by creating actionable and comprehensive plans for success.


  • Compliance Consulting: achieve and maintain compliance in today’s fast paced regulatory environment using the NIST Cybersecurity frameworks. Our Team of CISSP’s, Certified Ethical Hackers and Compliance Experts work closely with clients and regulators to protect critical data and provide a secure working environment.
    • Compliance Expertise in: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FFIEC, NCUA, Audit

Technical Testing

  • Penetration Testing: services that rigorously challenge an organization’s security posture from the perspective of an attacker.
    • External: provides a perspective on the environment starting as a random internet user.
    • Internal: provides a perspective on the environment starting on the customer’s internal network.
    • Application: tests individual applications.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: scan threats identified during the penetration test to assess risks.
  • Social Engineering: services that teach your employees how to best protect your organization against possible security threats.

Security Solutions

  • Monitoring: our 24x7x365 Security Monitoring Solutions help clients stay ahead of attackers, identify, and act on security threats.
  • Content Security: proactively protect business critical applications.
  • Access Management: enable only authorized users access to systems and data.

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