(5 Days)


This five-day course provides basic and advanced training on the key Firepower Threat Defense 6.2.3 features including best practices. You will learn how to deploy, operate and tune your Firepower solution. Use real world attacks and leverage Firepower to detect, block and remediate through Identity Services Engine (ISE) integration.

Audience Profile

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network administrators, managers, coordinators
  • Anyone who requires advanced training on the Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) and Firepower management Center (FMC)
  • Security technicians, administrators, and engineers
  • Anyone looking at migrating from ASA to Firepower Threat Defense

Course Outline

  • Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Overview
  • Firepower Threat Defense Device Configuration
  • Cisco ASA to FTD Migration
  • Cisco FTD NAT Policy
  • Firepower Threat Defense Platform Settings
  • Firepower Network Discovery
  • Firepower Threat Defense Access Control Policy
  • TALOS – Security Intelligence Feeds
  • File and Malware Policy
  • Firepower Intrusion Policy
  • Firepower Network Analysis Policy
  • Firepower Identity Policy
  • Firepower Correlation Policy
  • Firepower Health Policy
  • User Management
  • Firepower Best Practices
  • Firepower Events and Context Explorer Analysis
  • Firepower Reporting

Lab Outline

  • Lab layout and access
  • Initial FTD Setup
  • Managing the FTD Device
  • Configuring NAT policy
  • Migration ASA configuration
  • Configuring Platform Settings
  • Configure Network Discovery
  • Configure Access Control Policy
  • Configure File and Malware Policy
  • Configure Intrusion Policy
  • Configure Network Analysis Policy
  • Configure PXGrid on ISE
  • Configure Identity Policy
  • Configure Correlation Responses
  • Configure Correlation Policy
  • Configure Health Policy
  • Configure Role Based Access Control
  • Understand and Implement Firepower Best Practices
  • Reviewing events and Leveraging Context Explorer
  • Creating Reports